R & D

R&D Centre

The management of St. Francis Institute of Technology has a clear vision for all round development of the institute so that it can become one of the finest engineering institutes in western region of the country. Keeping this vision in mind, a team of staff members lead by the Principal started an R&D cell or centre of innovation way back in 2005 to nurture the young minds of both our faculty and students.

Broad Objective

  To conduct basic and applied research through effective participation of teaching faculty & students to up-grade their knowledge as well as contribute to the growth of the institute.
  To promote Research and Development activities at SFIT for the technological up-gradation of staff and students leading to revenue generation for the institute.
  To be a centre of innovation to nurture young minds, both staff and students, for all round development of the Institute, to become one of the finest engineering institutes in the Western Region of our Country.
  To enhance SFIT brand image in the market by doing real research work.

The R&D activities of the college are bifurcated in to “Industry Related Project Research” and“Pure Academic Research“.

Under Industry Related Project Research, following activities are carried out by R&D centre.

Industrial Projects

R&D centre has bagged the project to develop “Hazardous gas detector and alarm system” from M/s Dil Udyog Electronics Pvt. Ltd., a Mumbai based company dealing with gas monitors and alarms systems for hazardous gas leakages in Industries. Prototype electronic module, developed by R&D centre was tested successfully in the Lab in Jan.2011 in the presence of company Engineers. During the field trials with actual Gas Detectors, it was found that Gas detectors are not giving any outputs to electronic module when subjected to gases. The problem was further studied by company staff and they have modified their specifications in the 2nd week of March 2011. Based on their revised specifications, R&D centre is modifying the electronic module and will be field tested shortly.

This project is being done by two students from TE/EXTC.

In House Projects

Five in house projects, as detailed below, have been developed -

  Design of New Website for SFIT - The newer version of the site focuses to make it more dynamic rather than static. It also adds extended services on site for the benefit of students and faculty. In "student log in" it is proposed to include subjects like Students' pledge, students on roll, Details of awards, Ethic values, information about Educational loans, Placement details, Dress code, Discipline etc. This project is being done by seven students from FE.

  Blind Turn Collision Warning System for Road Traffic - The aim of this project is to give audiovisual warning to road vehicle drivers about the vehicles coming from opposite direction and likely to collide with the vehicle at blind turns particularly in Ghat sections. This project is being done by four students from TE EXTC.

  Design of Op-Amp Kit - This covers many of the applications and mathematical operations of Op-Amp that can be carried out with the help of this kit. The kit will be useful for performing Lab Expt. for the subjects EN, EDC and ADIC in SE. Prototype model is tested and final PCB is under preparation and the project will be completed by June2011.This project is being done by three students from TE EXTC and one from TE IT.

  To develop Electronic / Electrical system to ring Church bell at predetermined time - This project is being done by three students from TE EXTC.

  Tech News 2011 - From January 2011, R&D Centre has taken an initiative of e-mailing of News bulletins under the name Tech News 2011, highlighting latest trends / developments in the field of technology, to all the teaching and support staff every ten days, three times in a month.

Under Academic Research, R&D Centre continues to publish 'Sanshodhan', a technical Magazine containing research articles from staff and students of the college every year. R&D lecture series is being organized on a regular basis for the benefit of our teachers / students. The lectures covering the latest innovations and developments in the respective fields are conducted by experts from outside as well as by our own teachers. ISTE approved Short term Training Programmes. National / international conferences, in – house workshops etc. are being organized by our faculty in the college on a regular basis.