Academic Research

Projects on Aakash Labs

Sr. No. Faculty Project Grants Received(Rs)
1 Mr. Bhavesh Pandya Android based Total Security for System Authentication 1 Lakh
2 Ms. Safa Hamdare An Adaptive Evaluation System to Test Students Caliber using Item Response Theory
3 Ms. Nazneen Ansari Performance Monitoring for College Result and Placement using Dashboard
4 Ms. Nazneen Ansari Mumbai University Mobile Portal

Industry related Research Projects

Sr. No. Faculty Project Industry Academic Year
1 Dr. Uday Khot
Dr. A. K. Sen
Maximum Power Point Tracking in Solar Systems Microtech Ind. Ltd. 2015-16
2 Mr. B.D.Gokhale Hazardous Gas Detector And Alarm System M/C Dil Udyog Electronics Pvt. Ltd 2013-14