Dr. Gautam Shah

Head of Department

PhD, M.E (Digital Techniques & Instrumentation), B.E (Electronics)


The department was established in 1999, with a sanctioned intake of 60 for the undergraduate Bachelors programme. Over the years, we have been striving hard pursuing our vision to become a centre of excellence, by upgrading the qualifications of the faculty, promoting research and developing the infrastructure. In 2010 the sanctioned intake was increased to 120 for the undergraduate Bachelors programme. Slowly but steadily we have grown by introducing the postgraduate Masters programme in 2012 and Doctoral programme in 2015. The UG programme was provisionally accredited for a period of two years from August 2012. The University of Mumbai has granted the institute permanent affiliation in 2015. We are placed amongst the top six institutes in the University as far as the results of first year of engineering are concerned.

Our teaching faculty is constantly climbing the academic ladder and over the years, three of the four professors in the department have been sponsored by the institute and completed their doctoral programmes successfully. They regularly interact with the university, government organizations, other universities and institutes. Five faculty members are currently pursuing their doctoral programme, and five faculty members have successfully completed their masters' programme sponsored by the institute.

We are updating our knowledge by attending workshops, training programs conducted by premier institutes like IITs, NITs and IISCs. Our institute is a remote centre for programmes conducted by IITs under the National Mission on Education through ICT. Faculty experts are taking up the responsibilities of the workshop coordinator and course coordinators for these programs. Faculty members have delivered invited talks in conferences and other institutes. We are presenting and publishing our research work in national/international conferences/journals like NCC, INDICON, TENCON, Elsevier and Springer. We have received research grants from and are involved in setting up of syllabus for the Electronics & Telecommunication branch in the University of Mumbai. The department was headed by Dr. T. S. Rathore a retired professor from IIT, Bombay from 2006 to 2012. He has been a constant source of guidance to the department. The institute academic advisory committee consisting of eminent academicians like Dr. S. N. Merchant and Dr. S. Biswas, professors from IIT Bombay, Dr. B. K. Lande, retired professor from VJTI, has always been advising the department for academic improvements. We have had invited talks from eminent personalities of IIT Bombay.

Programmes offered in the Department

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

Sanctioned Intake : 120

Lateral Entry : 24

Master of Engineering (M.E.)

Intake : 18

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

Intake : 10

Our Vision

To become a centre of excellence globally in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication where teamwork, innovation, and research are encouraged to nurture and develop graduates and post graduates with strong academic foundation and an all-round personality with ethical values.

Our Mission

To impart quality technical education and expose students to state-of-the-art technologies in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

To imbibe ethical and professional values, inculcate the quest for higher learning and an aptitude for research and global competency.

To develop entrepreneurial skills amongst students to cater to the challenges of industry and society.

To motivate students towards research, leading to multidisciplinary innovative projects.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

   To impart solid foundation of applied mathematics and sciences along with the fundamentals of electronics and telecommunication engineering for sustained contribution in their professional life.

   To help students stay updated with the emerging technologies and to provide them with an opportunity to actively participate in professional communities to enhance professional as well as team-building skills and nourish ever-developing careers.

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Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Graduates of Electronics and Telecommunication engineering will be able to:
   Apply the concepts of electronics, communication, signal processing and embedded systems in the design and implementation of application-oriented engineering problems.

   Use modern software and hardware tools to solve complex electronics and telecommunication engineering problems, along with analytical and managerial skills to arrive at appropriate solutions, either independently or in a team.

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