It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming all the stakeholders, especially, the students and their parents, to this webpage of newly formed Mechanical Engineering Department (MED) of SFIT.

We at SFIT are, for last 20 years, imparting the quality education to all our students. We have always provided our students with state of art facilities and infrastructure the fruits of which can be seen in our performance! We are always in top five in the Results of FE Semester I and II of Mumbai University. Our BE results, with few exceptions, are always 100%. Most of our eligible students get placement in their final year. This number of eligible students has increased every year! A considerable number of our students go for MS in countries like US, Canada, Germany and Australia. They perform exceptionally well there too. Great number of our students has started their own companies, many a times even before leaving shores of SFIT!

With such a brilliant background, I believe our students of Mechanical Engineering have a strong foundation available at SFIT for launching their careers. We are just one year old department, we are in a developing stage. Experts say that teachers are the backbone of any educational institute. Our department have the presence of both experienced and young teachers. We are from different core fields like Mechanical Design, Manufacturing, Thermal Engineering and CAD/CAM. Most of us are actively involved in research too. I am sure this will benefit our students in their academics and research related activities.

Various labs are being developed. We are putting lot of efforts in providing students with best of Equipment, Machines, Instruments and Tools! I am sure that our Labs are going to be one of the best in the business. In these labs students will get first hand experience on the latest technology. For example, they will be trained on CNC Lathe Machine available in our Machine Shop. In order to provide hands on experience, we have started a program called "Introduction to Automotive Technology" for our SE students. This course helps them understand the current technology trends in Automobile industry. Probably, they also will understand how the trends are likely to change in the future.

In order to give them exposure to "real word", we also have plans in place for industrial/field visits. Lectures, seminars and workshops by eminent personalities and industry experts in the field Mechanical Engineering are also being planned. We have Mechanical Engineering Students' Association (MESA). MESA will actively be involved in all these activities. Under the umbrella of MESA, students will be able to take part in various other activities like Professional/Expert Level Certification programmes in CAD/CAM conducted by various industries, Product Design Contests at national and international levels, Formula 1/Solar/Electric car making competitions and many more. Such activities, I am sure, will bring out the real potential of the students and they will realize the importance of working in a team.

Our Training and Placement Cell already have started sessions, on weekly basis, with our students. These sessions impart skill sets which will boost employability of our students. MESA, in collaboration with our alumni, will also arrange seminars where useful information related to career opportunities and higher education, in India and or abroad, can be shared with students. The departments like CMPN or IT are helping us in conducting sessions for our students to improve their programming/coding skills. Sessions to enhance managerial skills are also in the pipeline!

It is observed that, in addition to domain specific knowledge, industries prefer candidates who demonstrate LEADERSHIP qualities. We are very sure that during the four years in the department, after going through the rigour of activities mentioned, most of our students will get transformed into Leaders of future. These LEADERS, we hope, will not only serve their workplaces to best of their abilities but they will use their skills to create jobs for others too. We also expect them to spread the Franciscan values of Integrity, Peace and Love wherever they go.

Our journey to be pioneers in the field of Mechanical Engineering has just began. I am hopeful that our students’ team, ably backed by our teachers, is capable of creating wonderful things and achieving great success in the near future not only for themselves, but for the society and the country too. Thank you!