Minor Research Grant

Name of Principal Investigator Name of Co-Principal Investigators Project Title Duration Academic Year Sponsoring Agency Amount Granted in Rs.
Dr.Kevin Noronha None Infrared Reflection based Eye Tracking and Blink Recognition system for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). one year 2016-17 University of Mumbai 25000
K Jayasudha Nill Smart Appliance Control for Overloaded System One Year 2014-2015 Mumbai University 20000
Dr. Gautam Shah N.A. Smart Elevator 1 year 2014-2015 University of Mumbai 35000
Anjali Ashish Chaudhari NA Efficient Energy Harvesting System one year 2014-2015 University of Mumbai 40000
Savita Kulkarni Savita Kulkarni Smart Prepaid Energy Meter 1 year 2016-17 Minor Research Grant (University of Mumbai, 2016-17) 15000
Quanitah Shaikh Pallavi Patil
Ankita Karia
Vehicle Authentication system using RFID one year 2016-2017 SFIT 14,000