Report on SFIT-E-Cell Activities (July 2018- September 2018)

As every year, SFIT-E-Cell is organising number of events which are well appreciated and are proving to be useful for aspirant entrepreneurs and campus start-ups. Here is a report of all activities conducted during July 2018 to September 2018.

Dr. Roshan Yedery, Manager Atal Incubation Centre, NMIMS visited SFIT and gave an awareness talk on 21st July 2018 between 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Dr. Yedery gave informative presentation about AIC-NMIMS familiarizing attendees about various aspects of incubation center. Also, he answered numerous queries about start-ups, business models and functioning of incubation centers. At the outset, the event proved to be useful for SFIT students who aspire to have their own start-up.

Attendees of Graphic Designing and Video Editing Workshop along with resource persons Mr. Steve Rodrigues (Left most (Sitting)), Mr. Shantanu Phatke (Second left(sitting)) and Mr. Suraj Negi (Fourth from left (sitting))

Mr. Suraj Negi, Mr. Shantanu Phatke and Mr. Steve Rodrigues conducted Graphic Designing and Video Editing workshop on 8-9 September 2018. Around 50 students attended this workshop and learned softwares like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Two events were conducted under the banner of Unnati 2018. Mr. Albert Wilfred D’Souza, SFIT Governing Council member and the Chairman of Aldel Education Trust gave a seminar on “How to be an Entrepreneur?” to final year students. The seminar began at 9:30 a.m. with the college Anthem. B.E. students from CMPN, INFT and EXTC departments attended the seminar. Director, Bro. Jose Thuruthiyil introduced Mr. Albert D’Souza and shared some of their common memories. A potted plant was presented to Mr. Albert D’Souza as a token of our gratitude. Soon after this, Mr. Allan Lobo, the Overall Coordinator of E-Cell, introduced Pragati – a flagship event of SFIT-E-cell.

Mr. Albert D’Souza started with his insightful session by explaining the true meaning of Entrepreneurship. “To be an Entrepreneur, one should know what one’s strengths and weaknesses are!” He explained to the audience that we can be whatever we wish to be, only if we become good opportunists. He paved a way for us to see the opportunities in situations that other people might ignore and try to benefit from it.

He then, shared some of his personal experiences during foundation of his printing press, bank, his efforts in founding SFIT, ST. John’s Institute etc. A question-answer session followed after the seminar where in Mr. D’Souza answered the questions asked by student members.

A business plan workshop took place on 22nd September 2018. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sanket Prabhu and MR. Gaurav Karkhanis, Founder Falcon Eduventures and SFIT alumni. Attendees learnt about various aspects of developing a business model and took part in the activities related to the same. Also, use of “Business Model Canvas” was discussed.

Mr. Gaurav Karkhanis of Falcon Edu ventures discussing Business Model Canvas during Unnati 2018

Participants of Unnati 2018 : Business Plan Workshop

Annual Report on SFIT-E-Cell Activities (A.Y. 2017-18)

As every year, SFIT-E-Cell organised number of events which were appreciated and proven to be useful for aspirant entrepreneurs in the academic year 2017-18.

Inauguration of NEN course at SFIT: From left : E-leader Prachi Gupta (at Podium), Mr. Bysani M. SFIT-E-cell Faculty Member, Bro. Jose Thuruthiyil, Director SFIT, Dr. Sincy George, Principal, SFIT, Dr. Prachi Raut, SFIT-E-cell Coordinator

This course is conducted in conjunction with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) by Wadhvani foundation that has developed curriculum and course material. The advanced stages of the course involve mentoring and funding for start-up ideas of the participants.

Mr. Jerrin Thankappan (SFIT-E-Cell Faculty Member) conducted ideation workshop on how to develop useful project ideas on 2nd August 2018 as a pre-cursor to Pragati 2018. Around 40 students attended the workshop.

Andriod Workshop – was conducted by Mr. Vikrant Fernandes on 27th January 2018 for Pragati participants.

Panel discussion at Pragati 2018: From left : Mr. Sanket Prabhu (Moderator), Mr. Ashray Malhotra, SoundRex, Mr. Upendra Rai , Millionminds, Mr. Dibang Raja, Venture Garage, Mr. Mayur Agarwal G10 Consultancy, Dr. Amit Andre, Vinsys Technologies

Pragati 2018 – An annual technical innovation competition was held on 16-17 March 2018. Pragati 2018 was conducted on much bigger scale than its predecessor. This year the competition was open for students from other engineering colleges also.

Total eight external groups participated. Mr. Wilson Pinto, Training and Placement Officer played a pivotal role in getting major sponsorships. SFIT-E-cell managed to bag sponsorship of Rs. 70,000 in cash and some other in kinds.

Number of SFIT faculty, staff and students visited project competition, panel discussion and start up talks.

Mr. Bysani M. and Mr. Paul Fernandes attended an orientation program at New Delhi in January 2018 for “Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojna”. Both of them are conducting the same course at SFIT for SFIT students as well as external students.

E-leaders Ms. Prachi Gupta (SE-INFT) and Mr. Suraj Negi (SE-CMPN) attended NEN E-leader workshop at Thakur College of Engineering on 15-16 September 2017.

Faculty members of SFIT E-Cell – Mr. Bysani M., Mr. Bhavesh Pandya and Mr. Jerrin Thankappan attended an entrepreneurship training program arranged at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Andheri from 22nd June to 25th June 2017. The later part of this program is to conduct courses at our college premises for SFIT students who register for the program.

Dr. Rakhi Sharma, HoD, Jai Hind College, conducting Business Plan Development Workshop

Dr. Rakhi Sharma, HOD, Jai Hind College conducted a business plan development workshop on 23rd August 2017. Dr. Sharma explained the concepts like value proposition, customer segment identification, channel development etc.

The Entrepreneurship day was organized on 13th January, 2018. Around 50 first year students of SFIT attended this program. The theme of this event was Introduction to entrepreneurship through games.

Mr. Anand Mehta was the main resource person. He held an interactive session with the audience and discussed the idea of being an entrepreneur and what it takes to succeed as one. Through a fun activity, he showed that one has to break the traditional barriers of thinking and go beyond to succeed. In another activity, the audience was told to pair up and get to know a new person and draw his facial features. The idea of breaking the social shyness and opening up to new people was the motive behind this activity. The highlight of Mr. Mehta’s session was the team building exercise where students in groups of 8-10 were told to build a particular given passage for the ball using chart paper. The art of communication, working together in a team and mutual decision making qualities were brought out from everyone.